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14-Minute Resistance Band Workout For Seniors Will Aid In Enhancing Your Posture, Mobility And Balance

As we get older, the impacts of everyday life can have an impact on our bodies. Remaining seated at a desk with poor ergonomics or spending extended periods driving can lead to discomfort and rigidity. One tactic to counteract these problems is to keep our bodies in motion. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that individuals over 65 partake in at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week to prevent muscle weakening, persistent illnesses, and mobility challenges. Resistance band workouts are a particularly effective method for seniors to remain physically active. This 14-minute workout, arranged by Crunch fitness instructor Liz Fichtner, is concentrated on utilizing resistance bands to enhance mobility, balance, and posture. Believe us, it will yield a substantial impact!

Advantages of Resistance Band Workouts for Seniors

Easier on the Joints

Resistance bands offer a low-impact alternative for older individuals to improve muscle strength and mobility. Consistent with Floery Mahoney, the originator of fitness studio Board30, the smooth and continuous tension of the bands is advantageous for the joints and can even assist in reinforcing them over time.


Resistance bands are incredibly adaptable, which is a notable benefit for seniors. These bands can be fastened to diverse parts of the body, such as the arms, thighs, or feet, enabling a broad range of rotational and lateral movements. This, in turn, targets muscles that enhance balance and posture.

Easily Accessible Strength Training

Resistance bands are uncomplicated to utilize and are available in various levels of resistance. You can select the band that matches your body and strength for each exercise. These reasonably priced at-home exercise tools render strength training more accessible. You can follow along with Liz Fichtner at home, removing the necessity for a gym subscription or scheduled class. For a comprehensive fitness session, pair this workout with a stroll, bike ride, or your preferred cardiovascular activity.

“I wish for this workout to leave you feeling more agile, taller, and empowered by your enhanced balance,” remarks Fichtner.

At-Home Resistance Band Workouts for Seniors

Necessary equipment: A resistance band of your preferred weight. Resistance bands can be found in a range of resistance levels, from very light to extremely heavy. You may also find it beneficial to have a yoga block or cushion to sit on. “The yoga block helps lower my knees and gives me some height,” explains Fichtner.

Target audience: Seniors who aim to enhance their mobility, posture, and balance.

Structure: Fichtner will direct you through a sequence of exercises utilizing a resistance band.

Side Bends with Arm Lift

While keeping the resistance band taut between your hands, take a deep breath and lift it above your head. Then, lean to the left side. Inhale once more and lean to the opposite side. Lower your arms back down to the floor.

Overhead Arm Lifts

Maintain your arms extended and pull the resistance band taut between your hands. Raise the band above and slightly behind your head. Maintain this position briefly, then lower the band. Repeat this maneuver at least twice more.

To further challenge yourself, hoist the band and, instead of holding it, shift your arms behind your head in a single fluid motion, compressing your shoulder blades together.

Subsequently, position the band on the floor and take a brief respite, executing gentle shoulder circles in both directions.

Arm Lifts and Rotation of Shoulders


Standing Resistance Band Forward Push

Resistance Side Reach

Leg Lifts

Resistance Lunges


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