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A Little Lifting Can Build a Lot of Muscle

Credit: Unsplash
A couple of workouts a week can give you the arms you want.

Exercise is not always a precise science. One would assume that, in order to have big honkin’ muscles in your arms, you need to be constantly lifting gigantic weights every hour on the hour, seven days a week. I’ve met guys like that, and their arms look like they’re having heart attacks. In actuality, you can get the kind of muscular arms you want with only a couple of lifting sessions a week.

According to health experts, you knock out your arm work for an entire week in just one or two sessions. It’s all about working out smarter, not harder. You want a comfortably heavy barbell that you can realistically perform at least ten full reps with, preferably for three sets in a session. In all likelihood, this method probably won’t take up much of your day, but that’s for the best; if you’re spending more than an hour on a single muscle group, not only will your gains long since started to plateau, but you run a much greater risk of inflicting injury upon yourself.

Credit: Unsplash

The real trick to gradually increasing your muscle gains is not to work out more, but to up the ante on the workout you’re already doing. Rather than repeating your three sets of ten over and over, make the sets a little harder. Up the weight, add in some additional movements, reduce your downtime, stuff like that. Above all, remember to keep your exercise goals realistic and tailored to your lifestyle. Don’t try to imitate celebrities or influencers, because then you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

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