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Advantages & Drawbacks Of Pre-Exercise Supplements

If you’re a regular at the gym, chances are you’ve come across pre-exercise supplements, and perhaps you’ve considered whether to incorporate one into your routine.

Advocates of pre-exercise supplements argue that these products can boost energy, endurance, and sports performance, but what do scientific studies say about these supplements?

Are they secure?

Are Pre-Exercise Supplements Secure?

Pre-exercise supplements are usually harmless for fit adults. It’s important to note that the supplement industry lacks strict regulation, so product labels may be inaccurate or deceptive. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) loosely regulates supplements such as pre-exercise as food, not drugs.

You might encounter some side effects from using a pre-exercise supplement, depending on the components. Many pre-exercise supplements are rich in caffeine, which can lead to jitters and headaches. Other formulations containing beta-alanine may induce tingling or itchiness, but this is benign.

Opt for products that have been independently tested and certified to ensure you are utilizing a secure and high-quality product.

Is It Acceptable To Consume A Pre-Exercise Daily?

Consuming a pre-exercise on a daily basis is generally acceptable for most healthy adults.

Remember, typical pre-exercise supplements contain between 200-350 mg of caffeine per serving. The FDA suggests limiting caffeine intake to around 400 mg per day. No adverse effects appear to be linked to this daily dose.

If you’re using a pre-exercise supplement daily, be aware of both its caffeine content and the caffeine content of other beverages you consume.

Gym man and woman push-up strength pushup with dumbbell in a crossfit workout

How Long Before A Workout Should I Consume A Pre-Exercise?

Pre-exercise supplements tend to be most effective when taken 20-30 minutes before exercise. A study revealed that consuming a pre-exercise containing caffeine 20 minutes prior to exercise significantly enhanced performance, strength, and power.

What Are The Advantages Of A Pre-exercise Supplement?

Research on the benefits of multi-ingredient pre-exercise supplements is quite restricted. Nonetheless, some studies have suggested that certain components might enhance sports performance.

Various pre-exercise supplements include components that enhance endurance, strength, and performance while lessening fatigue.

Factors to Consider In A Pre-Exercise?

There are numerous scientifically supported components to search for in a pre-exercise, as well as some to steer clear of. Seek out a pre-exercise containing superior ingredients and devoid of fillers, like this pure pre-exercise from Naked Nutrition.

Continue reading to discover more about the advantages of specific components you desire in your pre-exercise supplement.

Nitric Oxide Precursors

Nitric oxide serves as a substance naturally produced by your body to unwind blood vessels and boost blood flow. Pre-exercises frequently contain certain compounds that the body uses to create nitric oxide. These include L-arginine, L-citrulline, and sources of dietary nitrates.

Studies have indicated that supplementing with these compounds can enhance oxygen and nutrient delivery to your muscles, enhancing sports performance.


Caffeine is commonly integrated into pre-exercise formulations to enhance energy and concentration. Some studies have demonstrated that this stimulant can enhance cognitive function, memory, and sports performance, as well as aid in reducing body fat.


Creatine is another substance naturally generated by the body. Mainly found in skeletal muscle, it plays a critical role in energy and strength production.

Creatine is utilized in pre-exercise formulations but is also sold separately as a standalone supplement. Numerous weightlifters, bodybuilders, and other power athletes routinely use creatine.

Research suggests that consuming creatine can enhance the body’s storage capacity, which can help improve recovery time, muscle mass, strength, and physical performance.


Beta-alanine serves as a nonessential amino acid. This amino acid collaborates with histidine to generate carnosine. Carnosine is then stored in your skeletal muscles.

Carnosine assists in reducing lactic acid accumulation in your muscles during exercise, allowing you to push harder, better, faster, and stronger in your subsequent workout.

Components to Avoid

Some components to avoid in your pre-exercise consist of artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, and excessive caffeine.

Artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols are frequently added to pre-exercises, and some individuals do not tolerate these components well. They might induce gas, bloating, or diarrhea, which can have an adverse impact on your workout.

Avoid excessive caffeine doses, which can lead to elevated blood pressure, sleep difficulties, and anxiety.

Pre-Exercise Slushie Recipe

Experiment with this pre-exercise slushie recipe on your next workout day. Consume it 20 minutes before beginning your workout and savor heightened energy, concentration, endurance, and performance.

Refreshing cold summer drink watermelon slushie with basil


  • 2 scoops of Naked Energy
  • 8 oz of your preferred sports drink
  • 1 cup ice

Instructions: Blend all components in a blender until you achieve a slushie-like consistency.


Pre-exercises are trendy supplements in the fitness realm. Many purport to amplify focus, performance, and strength. Pre-exercise formulas are generally secure for healthy adults, but it’s advisable to opt for a third-party verified supplement for quality assurance. There is not extensive scientific backing for the efficacy of pre-exercise supplements as a whole, but studies demonstrate that certain included components may enhance sports performance.

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