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Advantages of Gentle Cardiovascular Workouts

Credit: Unsplash
If your knees cannot handle running, that’s not an issue.

It has been well established that consistent cardiovascular exercise is a crucial element in maintaining a healthy physique. Engaging in a brisk jog boosts your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and also tones your legs and knees. Nevertheless, if you are dealing with a physical ailment, or simply advancing in age, lifting and moving your legs and knees can become significantly tougher, or even hazardous. So, how can you engage in cardiovascular activity if running is not an option for you? The solution is simple: give low-impact cardio a try.

The main goal of cardiovascular fitness is to enhance the health of your heart and lungs; running is merely the most straightforward way to achieve this. Low-impact cardio exercises entail activities that elevate your heart rate and respiration without imposing excessive physical stress. Unlike high-impact cardio workouts that strain your knees, like burpees, box jumps, and similar exercises, low-impact cardio involves swift, brief movements that focus more on the upper body. You can still elevate your heart rate effectively even if your lower body is not responding well.

Credit: Unsplash

You can incorporate low-cardio exercises into your regular routine, although it may be more beneficial to integrate them between strength training sessions. If you are uncertain whether your low-impact cardio routine is sufficiently elevating your heart rate, try the talk test. If you can carry a tune, you are not pushing yourself too hard. If you can maintain a basic conversation, you are exerting a moderate amount of effort. If you struggle to verbalize more than a few words, you are exercising at a high intensity level.

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