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Advice for Fresh Runners

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Embrace each step.

When I made the choice to attempt a lengthy race for the first time, I struggled because I was clueless about the technique. Even though the human body is designed for enduring runs, improper execution can lead to discomfort, injuries, or exhaustion. By adhering to these suggestions, you can shape up, maintain your posture, and progress without encountering issues.

Suggestion 1: Touch down on Your Forefoot
An error that both novice and experienced runners make is grounding their heels. This can easily result in gait issues and enduring discomfort or injuries, particularly affecting the shins and knees. By landing on the front part of your feet and allowing your feet to naturally roll onto the surface, you diminish the impact felt by the rest of your body.

If you have never practiced this technique before, it might feel unfamiliar initially. Yet, altering your gait can prevent various future problems.

Suggestion 2: Purchase the Suitable Footwear
Each runner holds a unique viewpoint on selecting the right shoes. When shopping for footwear, it’s advisable to visit a specialized running store where you can seek guidance from an expert.

Ensure to consider factors like how much room you prefer in the toe area, the type of running you engage in (trail, road, indoor), and the level of cushioning desired in the sole. I, like many other runners, personally opt for a shoe that’s slightly larger than needed, as foot swelling during long runs can cause your normally fitting shoe to feel tight.

Suggestion 3: Mute the Music
Songs are a favorite companion for many workout enthusiasts, as they can serve as motivational boosts. Nevertheless, numerous serious and professional runners argue that music tends to divert focus while running. Varied music tempos could unconsciously alter your running pace.

Strive to maintain a steady rhythm and concentrate on your breathing instead of anticipating the next song. Besides, running provides an excellent opportunity for introspection and problem-solving. The presence of music during your run could hinder this process.

Commence at a leisurely pace!
Runners typically approach their activity with long-term goals in mind. Should you be new to long-distance races, it’s likely that you’ll commence your runs at a frantic pace, leading to rapid burnout. Initiate your run gradually and sustain a pace conducive to conversation, ensuring lasting endurance.

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