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Alter the Direction of Your Social Media

Credit: Unsplash
Emphasize the positive rather than the negative.

Social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and various others that slip my mind, have entrenched themselves as an almost unavoidable aspect of our daily routines. Have you ever pondered over Twitter’s magnetic pull? I do not possess a Twitter account myself, yet I habitually peruse the Twitter trends each day. The majority of trends appear to center around negative occurrences, or at the very least, there’s an expectation of negativity. Each time I encounter the name of a beloved celebrity trending, it’s either a celebration of their birthday or an unwelcome revelation of some wrongdoing. The constant bombardment of negativity can consume your thoughts, and that’s certainly not how you should navigate through life.

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I understand that a common response to the drawbacks of social media is to simply advise people to “switch off their phones.” Clearly, completely disconnecting from our phones is impractical since a significant portion of us rely on our phones for work. However, even though cutting off all ties with technology is not feasible, redirecting the flow is attainable.

For me personally, the content I engage with on social media mostly revolves around art and amusing video game clips. I steer clear of news updates, avoid seeking out controversial opinions on current affairs, and if something appears likely to spark conflict, I navigate towards other content. Admittedly, I’m not an active social media poster, so I might not be the ideal case study.

Credit: Unsplash

Nevertheless, you can curate a social media experience that aligns more closely with your sources of joy. Remaining informed about major events is important, but you can achieve that by skimming through the news headlines once in the morning. Grasp the updates and then cultivate positive energy throughout your day. There’s no need to immerse yourself in an echo chamber constantly, nor should you.

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