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An Effective Exercise Routine for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Credit: Unsplash
Push Yourself for a Good Night’s Sleep.

Two main factors that help me fall asleep each night are routine or fatigue. Late at night, I follow my usual routine, get into bed, and gradually start feeling tired. However, on days when I engage in demanding physical activity, I sometimes find myself going to bed earlier than usual and falling asleep soundly. If your evening routine isn’t enough to make you tired naturally, then the next best option is to tire yourself out through vigorous exercise!

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When aiming to exhaust yourself, cardio should be your go-to method. It doesn’t have to be strenuous; a pleasant evening walk can elevate your heart rate slightly, burn off some energy, and help you relax. If relaxation isn’t what you need, opt for something more focused like using a jump rope. Jumping rope will elevate your heart rate significantly, and focusing on counting repetitions can have a soothing effect similar to counting sheep.

Credit: Unsplash

Speed is not compulsory; if time permits, you can also explore strength or flexibility training. For instance, when I was moving into an apartment, I had to haul five boxes of miscellaneous items, a disassembled desk, and a full-size mattress up three flights of stairs. It was perhaps the most demanding task I’ve ever undertaken, but it led to a night of deep sleep. While you may not need to push yourself to that extent, some weightlifting can help deplete excess energy, while stretching can loosen your muscles and joints. You’ll feel completely relaxed afterward.

Establishing a consistent sleep routine is fundamental for a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes you need to push yourself a little to make it work. Hopefully, your body will adapt to feeling tired at specific times eventually, and you won’t need to push yourself to exhaustion (unless that’s your preference).

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