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Andrew Friedman: The Youngster Who Can Flip Exceptionally Well!

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Don’t dare to blink for a moment, for you might just overlook it, acquaint yourself with Andrew Friedman, the expert in somersaults and twirls. You may be familiar with Friedman through his YouTube channel, Andrew Friedman, or his Instagram account, @poplikecorn, showcasing his exhilarating flipping skills.

“Every visible aspect has a reverse side, much like a coin” – Sunny Adelaja

However, a word of caution, Friedman dedicates substantial time to honing these flipping skills, and it’s strongly advised not to attempt this at home. If you aspire to flip like Friedman, we recommend watching some of his videos, and if you feel inclined to replicate such stunts, consider doing so in a local trampoline park.

If you have a background in cheerleading and gymnastics, you are likely already aware that attempting such feats should be carried out in a secure environment and not simply in your backyard. Challenge yourself to count the number of flips performed by Friedman in the aforementioned video.

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