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    Avoid becoming fixated on your own well-being

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    Credit: Africa Studio
    Well-being is wonderful, but there are other aspects to life.

    Maintaining good health doesn’t have to be overly complex. Strive to follow a well-rounded diet, engage in physical activity regularly, and avoid engaging in hazardous activities. However, for some individuals, whether due to challenging life circumstances or the pursuit of passing trends, basic health guidelines are insufficient. These individuals are at risk of falling into the trap of fixating on wellness, often spending substantial amounts of money in the process.

    Let’s be clear about this: the majority of wellness trends are pure nonsense. Aromatherapy oils won’t miraculously cure skin conditions, sustaining on only seaweed won’t lead to fitness, and it goes without saying why subjecting yourself to bee stings is unwise. Any activity can be misrepresented as healthy when embellished with fabricated statistics and partial truths. Did you know that 100% of individuals who inhale a skunk’s scent have skin? It’s a factual statement!

    Credit: Campaign Asia

    Some practices, such as increasing smoothie consumption or monitoring dairy intake, are undeniably beneficial and should be adopted if feasible. However, when trends promote these practices as the sole steps necessary for ensuring good health, you are not only setting yourself up for disappointment but also risking your well-being. More fruit-infused smoothies are beneficial, but relying solely on them is detrimental. You can’t bypass your body’s natural processes by inundating it with a single healthy substance. Moderation is key.

    Setting aside the primary concerns, fixating on wellness is simply an unsatisfactory way of life. Individuals who must be cautious about their dietary choices due to conditions like gluten intolerance or diabetes don’t do so out of choice but necessity. If you have the freedom to choose, live your life to the fullest without smearing snake oil all over yourself just because some random person on Instagram suggested it.


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