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Avoid Being Burdened by Mass

Credit: Unsplash
Do not let the scale dictate your well-being.

In the past, individuals often relied solely on the traditional bathroom scale as a determinant of their overall health. If you exceeded a certain weight limit, you were immediately labeled as unhealthy and expected to revolutionize your entire lifestyle. On the other hand, if you fell below that weight limit, you were considered the epitome of health and advised not to make any changes. This perception is clearly flawed; while body weight is somewhat significant, it does not provide a definitive assessment of your health status.

When you step on a scale, remember that muscle mass is denser than fat. This explains why a bulky bodybuilder may weigh more than an average individual with a slight belly. Taking the scale too literally would imply that the bodybuilder is less healthy than the average person with a lower weight, which is nonsensical. Both these hypothetical individuals maintain a suitable weight based on their respective lifestyles and body compositions. Personally, I do not own a scale at home because I trust that my body will communicate any issues resulting from how I treat it.

Credit: Unsplash

Health statuses vary among individuals. Basing your health solely on your weight may lead to detrimental habits such as skipping meals or overexerting yourself during exercise. Your weight is essentially a numerical reflection of your mass. It is important to maintain a healthy weight, but determining what constitutes a healthy weight is heavily influenced by your genetics and lifestyle. If you are uncertain about your ideal weight, seek advice from a doctor or nutritionist.

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