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Avoid Excessive HIIT Workouts

Credit: Unsplash
Excessive intensity and numerous intervals can lead to fatigue.

Most medical experts suggest aiming for approximately 150 minutes of exercise per week if you’re opting for a moderate approach, or 75 minutes if you’re engaging in high-intensity workouts. If you’re up for a challenge, pushing yourself to 90 minutes of intense exercise can be beneficial. However, once you surpass this threshold, you are officially overdoing it.

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As a recap, high-intensity interval training, or “HIIT,” involves compressing a vigorous burst of physical activity into a short duration rather than stretching it out over time. Research indicates that this type of workout boosts the mitochondria population in your muscle cells. As anyone familiar with basic biology knows, mitochondria are the cellular powerhouses, so an increase signals stronger cells, leading to enhanced cellular health and more efficient metabolic processes.

Credit: Unsplash

However, a recent study suggests that overindulging in HIIT workouts, while initially beneficial for mitochondria, can eventually lead to their deterioration. Participants in the study who engaged in prolonged HIIT sessions started experiencing a decline in their bodies’ ability to regulate blood sugar as their mitochondria began to falter. Speculatively, the increase in mitochondria from HIIT may cause a surge in energy-dependent organisms competing for blood sugar, disrupting cellular balance. Your body reaches its limit!

If HIIT is your preferred exercise, that’s great, but ensure you maintain a manageable pace. The essence of HIIT is to achieve more in less time, so if you end up doing as much as you would in moderate exercise, the purpose is defeated.

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