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Avoid Exercising if You’re Already Feeling Sore

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There exists a delicate balance between engaging in physical activity and subjecting yourself to unnecessary pain.

Recently, I assisted a friend in relocating to a new residence. The process involved a full day of lifting, carrying, pulling, and loading. Interestingly, despite feeling fatigued throughout the moving activity, I didn’t experience significant soreness at that time. It was only after some time had passed that the soreness hit me like a ton of bricks. Once we finished for the day and I sat down in my office chair to unwind, my limbs suddenly felt incredibly stiff. It was as if they were constructed from flimsy, low-quality cardboard. The level of soreness was intense and persisted into the following day. Contemplating whether I should engage in a workout, I attempted to rise from bed, only to feel a sharp pain in my shins that made me rethink my decision.

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At times, exercising while experiencing soreness may not pose a significant issue. If one part of your body is aching, you may shift your focus to a different area. However, if you are experiencing widespread soreness, it is advisable to take a couple of days off. Muscle soreness arises from numerous small tears in your muscle fibers, which is a natural part of the muscle-building process. Nevertheless, these tears require adequate time to heal. Continuously subjecting them to stress before they have properly recovered may result in self-inflicted injuries.

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When contemplating whether to exercise while feeling sore, it is essential to gauge the extent of your discomfort. If you can still move around, walk, and manipulate your limbs without major hindrances, engaging in light physical activity should be acceptable. However, if the soreness is debilitating to the point where getting out of bed is a struggle, rest is imperative. Experiencing a degree of muscle stiffness in the morning is normal, but this stiffness should dissipate after some stretching. If the stiffness persists, it is likely to linger throughout the day, indicating the need for gentle recuperation.

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