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Avoid Exercising Too Close to Your Bedtime

Credit: Unsplash
It’s important for your body to have a period to relax.

It has often been recommended that when you are struggling to get adequate sleep, engaging in vigorous physical activity is a practical solution. This advice holds some merit; when your body is physically exhausted, it naturally craves rest, facilitating a deep and restful sleep. However, if you are inclined to follow this approach, it is crucial to pay attention to the timing of your exercise routine. When you engage in exercise that elevates your heart rate, your body enters a state of heightened energy. Trying to sleep immediately after this can result in hours of tossing and turning.

Research indicates that the optimal time gap between exercise and bedtime is around two hours. Individuals who engaged in vigorous exercise two hours before bedtime reported a quicker onset of sleep, a deeper sleep cycle, and prolonged rest, ultimately leading to a rejuvenating rest. Conversely, those who exercised vigorously less than two hours before bedtime experienced more difficulty falling asleep and their subsequent sleep was not as restful or lengthy. This could leave you waking up feeling groggy and irritable.

Credit: Unsplash

Naturally, due to work schedules and other commitments, it may not always be feasible to exercise during daylight hours. If you find yourself needing to work out later in the day, aim to do so in the early evening, perhaps immediately after returning home from work at around 5:00 PM. Additionally, once you identify a suitable timing, try to stick to it consistently, randomizing your exercise schedule throughout the day can diminish your progress.

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