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Avoid Pressuring Yourself to Follow Popular Health Movements

Credit: Unsplash
You don’t need to conform to the crowd and join in on the latest health regimens.

What bothers me about the wellness “sector,” if you will, is the portrayal of one’s well-being as some form of social currency, a means of boasting. I’ve come across several individuals who adopt a gluten-free diet for a short period and will incessantly talk about how fantastic they feel. Undoubtedly, certain wellness activities like meditation or a juice cleanse can offer significant benefits. However, you should not feel obligated to partake in these practices just to gain fleeting popularity.

Above all, good health should be its own motivation. If you decide to jump on a health bandwagon, it should be because you genuinely believe the purported outcomes would enhance your personal well-being. If you are already in reasonable health, there is minimal practical rationale to adhere to a trendy diet, irrespective of your friends’ claims about increased energy levels or extraordinary physical feats. Many of these alleged benefits can likely be attributed to a placebo effect.

Credit: Unsplash

While some may be resistant to this idea, it’s crucial to acknowledge that many wellness trends are passing fancies. These are products designed to appear beneficial to entice you into purchasing unnecessary items. Numerous of these products are inadequately researched, or not researched at all, so investing heavily in them could harm your body or lead to chemical imbalances. If you ever contemplate embarking on a significant health transformation, it is wise to seek advice from a healthcare professional first. And by medical professional, I mean a legitimate healthcare provider, such as a primary care physician, not a self-proclaimed “healer” peddling essential oils from a van behind a beaded curtain.

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