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Avoid Touching Your Face

Image Source: Unsplash
Believe me, you are well aware of their whereabouts.

While relaxing on a sofa, what is your usual action with your hands? Perhaps resting one on your chin to support your head? It is a relatively typical posture, and a… rather comfortable one. However, it might be advisable to contemplate breaking this routine because your face is the last place you want to touch or come close to with your hands.

Setting aside the issue of COVID-19 and continuous hand cleansing, your hands are consistently teeming with various bacteria and germs. Remember, your hands are your primary means of engaging with the world around you, and you cannot be certain of every object you’ve touched that has come into contact with. Even though the bacteria that clings to your hands will not be fatal if it reaches your face, it can lead to a rather unpleasant consequence: acne.

Image Source: Unsplash

One of the primary factors contributing to acne is the accumulation of dead skin and bacteria that block the pores of your face. By placing your unwashed hands directly on your face, you are providing a direct pathway for that bacteria to infiltrate your pores. The situation exacerbates if you are inclined to squeeze pimples. I’m not judging you, I experience the same temptation, but if you burst a pimple with your unwashed hands, this will offer all that gunk an even larger opening into your skin, potentially leading to infections, exacerbated acne, and unsightly scarring.

Take notice of your actions with your hands when you are not occupied. If you require something to keep them engaged, consider using a stress ball or a fidget cube. And if you need support for your head while lounging, opt for a pillow. Preferably a clean one.

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