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    Avoiding a Cold is Not Trendy

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    Throughout the last few winters in numerous regions of the nation (if not the globe), have been gentler compared to the past, possibly due to global warming. In addition to that, temperatures have been unpredictable. Only last week, I ventured outside near Philadelphia, in the midst of January, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. However, my intention here isn’t to delve into the subjects concerning climate change and global warming, but instead to present some pointers on how to evade catching a cold during these tumultuous times.

    As temperatures drop drastically one day and then rise to t-shirt weather the next, it provides an ideal environment for one of our most formidable adversaries, the common cold virus. A sudden temperature shift can compromise our immune systems, permitting the annoying viruses to invade our bodies and torment our sinuses, throat, and physique for the ensuing few days. Nevertheless, you’ll be delighted to discover that simple daily activities can help fend off these unwelcome invaders.

    1. It is crucial to wash your hands frequently, which is undeniably the most effective method to shield yourself from falling ill. Just search online about the variety and magnitude of germs and viruses that are transferred to your hands after a single bathroom visit; you may feel inclined to isolate yourself at home for a while.
    2. Rest. Retire to bed early and enjoy a full night’s sleep so your body is invigorated and prepared to operate at its peak performance the subsequent day. This also elevates the vigilance of your immune system.
    3. Consume nutritious foods to ensure an ample supply of vitamins in your system.
    4. Engage in physical activities. Even if you cannot devote sufficient time to a daily workout, a brief stroll or a few lunges in your bedroom can fortify your physique.


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