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Be Cautious of Heatstroke During Summer

Credit: Unsplash
Take pleasure in the sunlight in moderation.

Although summer technically commences on June 20, the current weather is already quite warm, so let’s just skip the formalities and welcome summer with open arms. The sun is shining brightly, birds are chirping melodiously, and thanks to vaccination efforts, it is gradually becoming safer to venture outdoors. This summer is anticipated to be exceptionally fulfilling, but this does raise a concern. If everyone rushes to spend every waking moment under the scorching sun, the likelihood of experiencing heatstroke will inevitably increase.

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Heatstroke, known also as sunstroke, is a severe heat-related injury that arises from prolonged exposure to high temperatures combined with exhaustion and dehydration. While your body has a built-in temperature regulation mechanism, extended periods in extremely high temperatures can overwhelm this system, leading to a spike in your internal temperature. Common symptoms of heatstroke include lightheadedness, headache, absence of sweating despite high temperatures, reddened and dry skin, and rapid, shallow breathing.

If someone in close proximity suffers from heatstroke, swiftly transfer them to a cooler location, such as a shaded area or an air-conditioned building, and seek medical assistance. In the interim, employ initial cooling measures like moistening their forehead with a damp cloth, fanning them, or placing ice packs on areas with high blood vessel concentration like the armpits, neck, and back.

Credit: Unsplash

Given the potentially fatal nature of heatstroke, the optimal approach is to prevent its onset. Opt for light, airy, and vibrant attire on hot days, and limit direct sunlight exposure. Ensure the application of sunscreen, and most importantly, stay well-hydrated. Maintain a good water intake, and consider a sports drink in exceptionally hot weather to replenish your body’s salt levels.

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