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Beyoncé Reveals Her ’22 Days’ Eating Plan

Photo Credit: Ian West – PA Images/Getty Images/PA Wire

Famous nourishment choices can vary widely in effectiveness.

While Beyoncé’s Netflix documentary Homecoming was causing a frenzy among fans, there was also a buzz around the rigorous meal plan she followed to prepare for her groundbreaking Coachella performance. The singer has now disclosed her 22-day eating strategy, and it has sparked mixed reactions.

In a video collaboration with 22 Days Nutrition, Beyoncé was captured weighing herself on the “first day of rehearsals” before her 2018 Coachella appearance. Describing the act of stepping on the scale as a “nightmare for every woman,” it was revealed that she weighed 175 pounds and had a “significant distance to cover” before achieving her desired performance physique.

This fitness journey commenced following the “unexpected” birth of twins Sir and Rumi Carter and involved adopting a 100 percent plant-based diet. Marco Borges, the founder of 22 Days Nutrition, elaborated that individuals on the 22-day meal plan typically experience heightened vitality, improved mood, better sleep, and enhanced skin condition.

Similar to the reception of many diets backed by celebrities, a portion of the public expressed discontent with the singer endorsing what some perceive as a perilous weight reduction regime. One Twitter user conveyed their disappointment, “I’m a huge Beyonce fan. Probably too big. But, I’m disheartened to hear her refer to her post-twins weight as every woman’s “nightmare” and promoting an EXTREMELY restrictive diet.”

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