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Boost Your Inner Thigh Power Through This 15-Minute Exercise Routine

Isn’t it fascinating how your muscles collaborate to assist you in movement? Strengthening one muscle group benefits your entire body. If you’re intrigued by this concept, you’ll appreciate this 15-minute session of Good Moves led by Pilates expert Chloe de Winter. The focus is on fortifying your core, glutes, and legs, particularly your inner thighs.

Your inner thighs, also known as hip abductors, play a role in thigh rotation and other movements, like crushing a watermelon (though that’s not part of this session). Engaging your hips by opening and closing is crucial for various exercises and day-to-day activities. By incorporating the exercises demonstrated by De Winter into your routine, you can progressively enhance your strength.

De Winter suggests using a magic circle workout ring, a small exercise ball, or a rolled-up towel (around 5 inches in diameter) to hold between your thighs during some movements. The session begins with lying on your back and elevating your pelvis into a bridge position. Much of this inner thigh workout emphasizes lifting and lowering your pelvis.

Remember to regulate your breathing and engage your core throughout the routine. De Winter intensifies the workout by increasing the pace, sustaining the bridge position, and contracting your thighs and glutes. The routine progresses to leg lifts and squats while keeping the ball or towel squeezed between your thighs.

Seeking a challenging yet empowering thigh workout that might give you the strength to crush a watermelon? Grab a mat, don something comfortable, and acquire a towel or exercise ball for an extra challenge.

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