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Broaden Your Lung Capacity with Respiratory Exercises

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Enhanced lungs result in lengthier physical activities.

To start off, let’s address this issue: there have been talks circulating for the past few months about how wearing a face mask can diminish your oxygen uptake, potentially causing harm to your brain. In case no one has informed you yet, let me be the first: this is entirely false. Oxygen can permeate through a mask effectively, just as carbon dioxide can be expelled just as easily. Unless you suffer from a preexisting respiratory ailment, especially a severe one, wearing a mask will not impede your body’s oxygen supply.

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Nevertheless, exerting yourself while wearing a mask, like attempting to run long distances, may slightly hinder your oxygen intake. Nonetheless, this won’t have any long-term consequences; you will just find yourself getting out of breath a bit quicker. If you wish to engage in outdoor activities while adhering to safety guidelines, you can counteract the mask’s effects by increasing your lung capacity. While respiratory muscles can’t be developed in the same way as other muscles, you can enhance your lung capacity to intake more oxygen. You’ll be amazed at how much additional energy you can generate through appropriate breathing techniques.

Credit: Man of Many

Commence with pursed lip breathing. Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed, then inhale slowly through your nostrils for three seconds. Next, pucker your lips and exhale slowly over a span of six seconds. This technique assists in regulating and slowing your breathing while increasing oxygen intake.

Next, practice belly breathing. Once again, inhale deeply through your nose for three seconds, but this time, be mindful of the air filling your abdomen. Try placing your hands on your stomach to sense the process in action. Upon inhaling, exhale gradually through your mouth over six seconds. As long as your neck and shoulders remain relaxed, your diaphragm will manage everything.

Dedicate five to ten minutes each day to these exercises, and you will observe an enhancement in your breathing patterns regardless of whether you are wearing a mask or not (and one more time, you should be wearing one in public).

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