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Build Your Own Peloton Routine

Cycle to the beat of your own drum.

Technological assistance was the best thing that ever happened to solo exercise. I cannot be trusted to set my own workout routines, so it’s nice to have a little person tell me what to do and how long to do it for. That’s probably why Pelotons have gotten so popular, with their big catalog of cycling and cardio classes, among other available programs. But it can be kind of a pain the butt to finish a Peloton class and still have some energy left, and then have to scroll through the catalog while your heart rate steadily drops. Instead of wasting time scrolling around, just make a playlist!

Peloton bikes now have a new feature called “stacked classes.” Basically, it allows you to select a bunch of class videos and chain them all together in a continuous playlist. No stopping and scrolling, just finish one class and move right on to the next one. And if you don’t finish your whole playlist, you can save the rest for another day. To make your own stack, simply find the class you want to take on your Bike, Tread, or online, and tap the stack button. You can line up your videos in any order, and there’s no limit to how many you can have in one stack. You can intersperse the regular cycling and cardio classes with stretches, warmups, cooldowns, or whatever else.

When you finish a video in your stack, you’ll be asked whether you want to continue, or save it for later. If you save it for later, you can launch Peloton’s service from a different platform or device and resume your workout there. The only catch to all of this is that you can’t make more than one stack, so if you want a new playlist, you’ll have to build it from scratch.

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