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    Celebrating National Wellness Month!

    Image By: HealthyWomen
    This is an ideal moment to concentrate on your well-being.

    August is National Wellness Month, as acknowledged by The Registrar at National Day Calendar! With the ongoing viral pandemic confinement, you might have a surplus of free time to formulate a new wellness regimen. Exciting times ahead!

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    Jokes aside, it is an opportune time to evaluate your current situation. This whole scenario has impacted individuals in diverse ways. The more outgoing personalities may find themselves exploring their introspective side, stepping out now involves additional precautions, and the ongoing uncertainty is not beneficial for anyone’s anxiety levels.

    Here’s a task for you: objectively assess your present emotions and routines, then recollect how things were before the lockdown and make a comparison. Undoubtedly, there will be disparities, some small, some substantial. If you are feeling anxious and unhappy, the initial step is to acknowledge that stress. A prior activity that brought joy might currently be out of reach, causing some discomfort.

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    So, what steps can you take to address this? The straightforward solution of resuming that particular activity may not be viable, prompting the need for innovation. Utilize the resources at your disposal. For instance, craving social interaction? Engage in online chatrooms related to your interests if you have access to a computer. Otherwise, try initiating conversations with neighbors. Personal interactions are acceptable, as long as you adhere to social distancing guidelines.

    Admittedly, we are in unsettling times, and the uncertainty surrounding the duration intensifies the situation. However, cowering in fear under the covers is not a solution. Your life must go on and thrive. Utilize this month to reevaluate, adapt, and discover your pathway to contentment in this new reality.


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