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Challenging Intermittent Fasting: Day 20!

Image Source: Good Housekeeping

Enhancements and Unanticipated Advantages

It has been close to a month now that I have condensed my eating pattern to only eight hours within a complete 24-hour day. Except for the weekends, during which I partake in all three meals with my family to avoid disrupting their eating routines, I have predominantly adhered to my objective.

While my weight loss has not been remarkably significant, I am pleased to report a reduction of about five pounds since commencing the challenge. I believe these pounds will remain off even if I occasionally deviate from my regimen. Notably, my energy levels have noticeably increased, and I have observed an unforeseen outcome.

A few years back, I received a diagnosis of psoriasis, a skin condition stemming from an immune system malfunction. Subsequently, my psoriasis transitioned into psoriatic arthritis, where my immune system targets my joints, resulting in swelling and rigidity akin to osteoarthritis.

Upon embarking on the intermittent fasting challenge, I have observed a reduction in the stiffness of my joints upon waking, and my episodes of inflammation have decreased. In addition to heightened energy levels, the intensity of my flare-ups has diminished, and my skin appears less inflamed. Moreover, my dietary habits have not undergone significant changes. I may enjoy a cupcake or a popsicle following meals daily. Indulging in pizza or a burger is also permissible. However, regardless of my food choice, my stomach has reverted to its customary size. Even if I desired an extra slice, there would be no space left in my belly.

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