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Chase Your Optimum Self

Photo Courtesy: Rachel Feldman
Starting with an illustration of your perfect self can be beneficial for mental well-being.

How do you define your “optimum self”? I’m not referring to physical attributes like being muscular or owning numerous possessions or being wedded. These could be elements, subdivisions of your optimum self, but what serves as the cornerstone? Your optimum self is your depiction of yourself at your peak, psychologically speaking. You’re content, you’re versatile, and you’re not burdened with any significant concerns beyond the routine things we all face. Yet, most crucially, these are all aspects that you have authority over (for the most part). If your vision of your optimum self comprises aspects that are within your control, attaining it becomes feasible, and striving for that ideal self can assist in anchoring you in life.

It’s essential to understand from the outset that achieving your optimum self won’t happen overnight. That’s literally unachievable; it requires years of education and development. However, it’s acceptable as long as you take strides towards enhancing yourself each day. These don’t need to be gigantic leaps. A little lesson here, some enlightenment there, and eventually, you will achieve your objective. Yet, you must adhere to this daily, and I mean every day. Even if things seem to be progressing well, resist complacency. One never truly completes the journey of self-discovery and exploration in life.

Photo Courtesy: Mindful Methods For Life

An essential asset to have during your pursuit of your optimum self is a reliable support system. Encouraging, beneficial, inspiring individuals who desire your success as much as you do. Harmful influences won’t do you any favors, a fact valid regardless of whether you are striving for your optimum self or not. What you require are companions who are dedicated to enhancing themselves, akin to your dedication. Should both strive for improvement, mutual growth and learning are possible.

Some individuals prefer living in the present, while others are constantly looking to the future. Either choice is valid, but remember that the present will only remain the present momentarily. You can exist within the present while simultaneously preparing for what lies ahead.

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