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Chilly Days: Winter Exercises to Try

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Finding Motivation When the Frigid Weather Hits

When your toes are numb, finding the will to workout becomes a real challenge. Stepping out to the gym or going for a jog on a freezing day may seem unappealing. Cozied up with a book and a blanket indoors, leaving the comfort of home feels like the last thing you’d want to do. To aid you in keeping up with your winter fitness goals, here are some effortless workout routines that will make the process more bearable. In just 20 minutes, you can boost your heart rate, warm up those muscles, and start sculpting that dream physique.

Routine 1: Brisk Stroll

Bundle up in snug layers and head outside for a brisk walk. Layering up will maintain muscle warmth and enhance calorie burn. Whether it’s a short 20-minute walk or an extended hour-long trek, this is an excellent and simple way to get active.

5 min: Casual walking pace (able to chat comfortably)
2 min: Speed up the pace (talking becomes difficult)
4 min: Slow down to a comfortable pace
2 min: Increase speed
2 min: Return to a comfortable pace
1 min: Speed up again
1 min: Comfortable pace
3 min: Ease into a slow walk

*Repeat if desired

Routine 2: Home Workout

Move that couch aside, play some energetic tunes, and start exercising in the comfort of your living room! With minimal equipment, transform your living space into your private fitness area.

1 min: March in place + extend arms overhead and hold (palms forward)
1 min: Side steps + arms wide open and close with each step (palms forward)
1 min: Leg raises + stretch opposite arm towards lifting leg
1 min: High knees + touch opposite hand to raised knee
1 min: March in place + mimic rowing motion with your arms
1 min: Side steps with arm movements
4 min: Cool down by walking around the room and deep breathing

Routine 3: Treadmill Challenge

Spice up your treadmill routine by incorporating various inclines and speeds to intensify the workout and keep your mind engaged.

2 min: Incline 2%, Speed 2.5–3.0 mph
4 min: Incline 3%, Speed 3.0–3.5 mph
2 min: Incline 4%, Speed 3.5–4.0 mph
2 min: Incline 6%, Speed 3.5–4.0 mph
2 min: Incline 2%, Speed 3.0–3.5 mph
2 min: Incline 4%, Speed 3.0–4.0 mph
2 min: Incline 6%, Speed 3.5–4.0 mph
2 min: Incline 8%, Speed 3.5–4.0 mph
2 min: Incline 0%, Speed 2.5–3.0 mph


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