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Choose Where Your Time is Well Invested

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Time is a valuable asset, but it’s up to you to make the most of it.

Someone wise once mentioned that time spent engaging in activities you truly love is never a waste. I would like to append that by stating time dedicated to fulfilling your genuine needs is also never squandered. Assuming you adhere to a typical sleep pattern, you have around 15 hours at your disposal each day. If approximately eight of those hours are dedicated to work, you are left with seven hours to allocate as you choose. I’ve come across the notion that every available hour should be dedicated to self-improvement, whether physical, intellectual, financial, or otherwise. Nevertheless, from personal experience as a master of relaxation, there are moments in life when you simply wish to unwind, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

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The significance of allowing yourself proper downtime within a day cannot be emphasized enough. While some individuals may thrive on constant high productivity, they are a rare breed, and even if their acceleration is remarkable, it does not equate to overall well-being. I take my leisure time seriously, not because I engage in particularly constructive activities, but mostly because I’m unwinding. I mainly spend my time watching Netflix, playing video games, or occasionally delving into a novel. Am I significantly improving myself during this time? Probably not, but these pursuits bring me relaxation and joy, and hence, they are far from being time squandered.

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Society exerts immense pressure on us to be productive round the clock, but as crucial as attending to responsibilities is, it’s equally vital to allow your mind to shift to a lower gear occasionally. Embrace a couple of hours of laziness without fear; it’s your life to lead and your time to allocate. As long as your activities bring you contentment without causing harm, you are on the right track.

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