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Commence Yoga Using This 19-Minute Sequence For Novices

When it comes to discovering a physical activity that suits you, trying out different options is one of the most effective approaches. Initial classes, sequences, and breakdowns are often the ideal method to get a taste of a new hobby.

If you’ve ever been curious about exploring the realm of yoga, the most recent episode of Good Moves is crafted particularly for beginners. After just 19 minutes of introductory, whole-body postures, you’ll experience a sense of tranquility, inspiration, and gain a clearer understanding of what yoga entails. The considerate, supportive BK Yoga Club instructors Paris Alexandra and Alicia Ferguson lead you through a range of fundamental yoga techniques, prompting you to embrace that “novice’s perspective” throughout.

As per the Ministry of External Affairs of the Indian government, yoga is an age-old practice centered on fostering a sacred union between the mind and body. While physical fitness and health advantages are part of the results of regular participation, the physical stances—referred to as asanas—are merely one component of the eight elements of yoga, which also encompass meditation, breath work, and attitudes toward our surroundings. It’s crucial to recognize that, although often portrayed as a fitness pursuit, yoga holds significant cultural heritage and spiritual importance for numerous individuals worldwide.

“Yoga is about aligning oneself with the cosmos,” conveys the website of India’s MEA. “Yoga is not confined to any particular faith, doctrine, or group; it has consistently been perceived as a methodology for inner health.”

As outlined by the Mayo Clinic, the wellness perks are plentiful. Yoga can boost endurance, stability, and suppleness, while potentially easing tension and bodily discomfort. It also calms the nervous system, which could enhance rest and disposition, along with other physiological indications.

This introductory yoga sequence commences in a relaxed seated pose—whichever posture suits you—extending your arms overhead to each side alternately, then elongating forward. All the while, Alexandra and Ferguson advise you to concentrate on the present moment in your mind, and to deliberately maintain slow, deep breathing. They also emphasize that the routine is tailored to what brings you comfort, so there are various versions of the postures shown throughout the recording—whether performed while standing, sitting, or on your knees—to enhance your ease.

You’ll be introduced to traditional yoga poses like cat-cow, child’s pose, and sun salutations before circling back to the initial seated position to conclude the sequence. The instructors employ optional yoga blocks, but if you don’t possess any at home, you can substitute them with books or skip them entirely.

Intrigued? Roll out your mat and start the video for a serene initiation into a cherished physical activity.

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