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Conducting Routine Physical Examinations

Credit: Unsplash
Your body’s knowledge is unparalleled by anyone else.

While your body is usually adept at signaling when something is amiss, occasional subtle cues may go unnoticed. Perhaps there’s a specific arm or leg movement that induces discomfort, but it’s not frequent enough for you to recognize. Maybe certain foods elicit peculiar reactions, but they’re only consumed infrequently. The most straightforward approach to addressing bodily concerns is consulting your primary healthcare provider, but not everyone can afford to do so more than once or twice annually. Therefore, it’s beneficial to understand how to self-monitor your body, even at a rudimentary level.

Lest there be any confusion: the concept I’m discussing here is not body scrutiny. Such behavior involves excessively scrutinizing your physical appearance, like fixating on a mirror for extended periods or meticulously measuring your muscles. This is an unhealthy practice and offers no benefits. Instead, what I’m proposing is a form of assessment of your body’s fundamental motor functions, to be conducted periodically, simply to ensure that everything is functioning normally.

Credit: Unsplash

Rise and try extending all your limbs. Engage in a few squats to assess your leg strength, rotate your shoulders to loosen your chest, and move your fingers in a fluid motion. If any activity causes discomfort or pain, it may indicate stiffness or soreness. With your fingertips, gently touch and press the area where the discomfort is felt. If pressing causes discomfort, you may be exerting excessive pressure on that part, or positioning improperly while sitting or sleeping. The positive news is that if the pain is only on the surface, there’s likely no internal issue; it’s merely muscle discomfort.

If you’re experiencing pain that seems more than superficial, there may be an underlying concern. In such cases, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional to rule out any serious issues.

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