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    Consume These Foods for Better Skin Care

    Credit: Popidar/Shutterstock
    As no one desires to resemble the Keeper of Secrets.

    Expressing as an individual whose skin sometimes misbehaves, I seize each chance possible to enhance its condition. Enhancing its appearance is one aspect, but avoiding issues like peeling, flaking, and other undesirable occurrences is equally important. Remember, your skin is an organ, similar to all the internal workings, and similar to other organs, it can be influenced by your dietary choices.

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    The initial requirement is a rich source of vitamin A. Vitamin A fortifies your skin against the sun’s radiation, providing a natural shield. Beta-carotene processes protovitamin A, the primary source of vitamin A. You can obtain a good dose of beta-carotene from robust vegetables such as yams, leafy greens, and, as the name suggests, carrots.

    Subsequently, omega-3 fatty acids. Do not be put off by the term “fat”, as this is imperative. Omega-3 keeps your skin naturally hydrated, robust, and elastic. Without it, your skin will become dehydrated. Optimal sources of healthy fats include fresh seafood and avocado. Besides maintaining skin health, omega-3 and healthy fats assist in averting skin inflammation, thereby preventing conditions like rashes and acne.

    Credit: Healthline

    Lastly, include green tea in your diet for a beneficial amount of catechin. Apart from shielding against sun damage, catechin toughens your skin, making it more resilient to injuries. An interesting fact is that catechin is a key component of fingernails, and a sufficient supply can help keep your cuticles smooth.

    While this list is not exhaustive, these foods are a good starting point. They can easily be incorporated into a well-rounded diet, providing essential nutrients to various bodily functions. So, if they aid in maintaining your skin’s clarity and health along the way, who would complain?


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