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Controlling Your Holiday Pressure

Acknowledgment: Unsplash
The festive period should be enjoyable, not demanding.

I adore the holiday period. The snow, the treats, the kindness; it’s all truly fantastic. Sadly, the holiday season is well-known for being one of the most tense times of the year, and I suppose 2020 hasn’t done much to alleviate that. Although the holidays are meant to be about kindness and unwinding, there’s a remarkably high level of stress to conform to all that, from putting up decorations to purchasing presents. It can indeed be overpowering, so before it becomes too burdensome, let’s step back and take a pause.

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Whether you’re a child or a employed person, the holidays are meant to be a time when you receive a breather, and regardless, you are deserving of that break. You must allocate some personal downtime during the season; no ornaments, no shopping, no extra hours, just you, a cup of steaming tea, and perhaps a fireplace. If your timetable is too stuffed for an extended period of relaxation, well, you should rectify that, but you can also choose smaller intervals of downtime during the day. A few aspects of the holidays anticipate you to go all out the entire time, and that’s simply unjust to you or your welfare.

Acknowledgment: Unsplash

If you’re feeling particularly pressured, the holidays are a suitable period to ruminate on the things you feel thankful for. I realize that’s more of a Thanksgiving custom, but hey, serenity and generosity and all that. I’m certain it’s been a tough year for you, but take a profound breath and contemplate on the small blessings you’ve managed to extract from life recently. Each triumph, even a minor one, is deserving of honor.

Just for a couple of days, refrain from contemplating what’s approaching and merely savor the holiday ambiance. This isn’t Christmas with the Kranks; you won’t have an irate multitude at your doorstep if you choose to keep your celebration low-profile.

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