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Correct Technique is More Crucial than Weight

Photo credit: Unsplash
Executing correctly is more crucial than performing excessively.

I have encountered individuals who believe that exercise involves “lifting the heaviest weights until the brink of collapse.” Needless to say, this approach is unwise. Straining with weights that surpass your capabilities will not build muscle but rather risk fractures. What holds significantly more importance than heavy dumbbells? Executing curls with proper form.

Workout forms are meticulously designed by specialists to target specific muscles in your body, and solely those muscles. Neglecting proper form during exercises can result in unnecessary strain on your joints and bones, potentially leading to injury. Additionally, deviating from proper form will likely hinder your progress.

Photo credit: Unsplash

Let me illustrate with a simple example: the bicep curl. Begin with weights that you can manage. If heavier weights make you uneasy, opt for lighter ones and compensate with more repetitions. Hold the dumbbells in hand with arms at your sides, elbows close to your body, and palms facing outwards. Gradually curl the weights towards your shoulders, focusing solely on contracting your biceps. Avoid using your elbow or upper arm to generate momentum, as this compromises your gains. Ensure not to fully extend your arms downward, as it may cause elbow strain.

By adhering to proper form, you’ll experience a genuine burn even with lighter weights. Going beyond your limits will only result in excessive soreness or worse.

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