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Create Your Custom Peloton Routine

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Ride to Your Own Rhythm.

In terms of solitary workout sessions, incorporating technology has been a game-changer. I lack the discipline to devise my own exercise schedules, so having automated guidance is truly beneficial. This is likely one reason why Pelotons have gained immense popularity, providing a diverse array of cycling and cardiovascular classes alongside other fitness programs. However, completing a Peloton class only to find yourself with residual energy and then having to navigate through the class library as your heart rate gradually decreases can be cumbersome. Instead of futilely browsing through classes, why not curate your playlist!

Peloton bikes now feature an innovative function known as “stacked classes.” This functionality enables users to select multiple class videos and string them together into a seamless playlist. There’s no need for interruptions and searches; finish one class and seamlessly transition to the next. Moreover, if you’re unable to complete your entire playlist in one go, you can save the remaining classes for another session. To create your personalized stack, simply choose the classes you wish to engage in on your Bike, Tread, or via the online platform, and tap the stack button. Arrange your videos in any sequence you prefer, with no restrictions on the number of videos you can stack together. Mix and match regular cycling and cardiovascular classes with stretching routines, warm-ups, cool-downs, and more.

Upon completing a video within your stack, you’ll have the option to either continue or save it for later. By choosing to save it for a later time, you can seamlessly resume your workout on Peloton’s platform via a different device. The only limitation to this feature is the inability to create more than one stack; therefore, if you desire a new playlist, you will need to construct it anew.

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