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Definition of Pink Eye & How to Eliminate It?

If you’ve encountered pink eye previously, you’re aware of its discomfort. Pink eye typically causes the eyes to feel itchy and swollen, resulting in a red appearance. In this article, we’ll explain all there is to know about this common eye ailment and how to remedy it.

Understanding Pink Eye

Pink eye is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the clear membrane that covers the eye. It leads to red, painful, and swollen eyes.

Although pink eye is usually just bothersome and resolves on its own within one or two weeks, neglecting it can lead to blocked tear ducts. Most individuals first try simple over-the-counter treatments like eye drops.

There are other situations and conditions that can cause red eyes, so it’s advisable to verify first to ensure you are not mistaking something like an ingrown eyelash or mere dry eyes for pink eye.

Possible Causes of Pink Eye

Foreign Body in the Eye

Anything from chemical splashes to a foreign object can trigger pink eye. Individuals working in factories, labs, or hospitality environments may easily come into contact with chemicals, especially without proper protective gear.

Viruses and Bacteria

Most cases of pink eye are viral, caused by adenovirus, but it can also be due to varicella-zoster virus, herpes simplex virus, or even the Covid-19 virus. Sometimes, pink eye may occur alongside a common cold or flu.


Common allergies such as hayfever and pet allergies often result in inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding the eyes. This allergic reaction not only makes the eyes look puffy but can also inflame the conjunctiva and the white part of the eyeball.

What If Pink Eye Persists?

If pink eye persists after a few weeks or after attempting numerous home remedies, it can be frustrating. According to eye health experts at Lenstore, relief can still be found:

“Pink eye typically resolves within one to two weeks. If it persists or is particularly uncomfortable, consult your optometrist for appropriate treatment to alleviate the condition and to rule out any other underlying issues.”

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