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Desire to Extend Lifespan? Experiment with the Monarch’s Regimen

Credit: Tolga Akmen/Pool via AP
Achieving the age of 94 requires more than just consuming crumpets all day.

The highly esteemed monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, has reached the remarkable age of 94. Surpassing the average life expectancy for women in the United Kingdom by a decade, the Queen’s longevity has been linked, in part, to her diet, which upon reflection, appears quite sensible. Should you aspire to witness the glories of the next century, consider adopting a dietary approach akin to that of Queen Liz.

To commence, moderation is key. Instead of three hefty meals, the Queen partakes in four light meals dispersed throughout the day. This strategy serves as an excellent method to uphold your waistline and consequently, your overall well-being. According to researchers at the University of Cambridge, smaller portion sizes are believed to reduce overall caloric intake by 25%. While one should consume only what is required for sustenance, this does not imply abstaining from culinary pleasures. As cravings are beyond control, the Queen permits herself the occasional indulgence in a petite serving of chocolate cake (solely favoring chocolate, dismissing other flavors). Nibbling on a small treat in moderation is entirely acceptable. In regard to chocolate, it is advised to opt for the darkest variety possible, as dark chocolate contains heart-healthy flavonoids. Milk and white chocolate have no place in her royal highness’s confectionery preferences.

Credit: Victoria Jones/PA Wire/Pool/Reuters

Regarding dietary staples, the Queen favors fish and seasonal produce. A midday smoked salmon sandwich accompanied by afternoon tea and evening grilled fish is a customary sight at Buckingham Palace, contributing to the Queen’s robust cardiovascular health. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, she adheres strictly to seasonal availability. While seemingly frivolous, it is essential to acknowledge that in-season produce is often fresher and more nutrient-rich compared to off-season counterparts, which might endure prolonged transportation periods.

Lastly, and almost obligatory for Britons, include a cup of tea in your routine. The Queen cannot forgo her daily indulgence in Earl Grey tea. Black teas have been shown to assist in reducing blood pressure, lowering cancer risks, and managing cholesterol levels.

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