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Develop Your Emotional Adaptability

Credit: Unsplash
Life confronts you from various directions.

An intelligent woman once mentioned that a kite glides on a string, not a rod. Personally, I favor having a more inflexible framework in my life. Framework simplifies things, makes them comprehensible, and easy to recall. Unfortunately, with life being the perpetual source of disorder that it is, order is often scarce. When life presents unexpected challenges, and it certainly will, you can’t just maintain your inflexible line of thought. It’s akin to that TV game where you need to match the patterns in a wall; if you merely remain there, vertically rigid, you’ll be knocked over.

Part of teaching yourself to be more emotionally adaptable involves encountering life from various vantage points. You don’t necessarily have to adjust your own viewpoints to align with every single other one out there, but just being exposed to them can stimulate some contemplation. When you’re entrenched in an inflexible thought pattern, it becomes much more challenging to devise suitable solutions to your issues, but if you can shift your perspective, you may discover solutions that hadn’t crossed your mind previously.

Credit: Unsplash

Equally significant to exploring multiple perspectives is acknowledging that your own viewpoint may be flawed. No one possesses all the solutions; it’s only through education and exposure that our perspectives expand enough to acquire perhaps a few of the answers. You must grasp that just because someone’s logical path deviates from yours, that doesn’t inherently render it incorrect. Unless, of course, you have concrete evidence that they’re mistaken, in which case, yes, disregard that hypothetical individual.

By enhancing your flexibility, you can more effectively address life’s unavoidable challenges. We all experience our own trials, naturally, but they are much more navigable when you don’t have to penetrate a solid barrier to face them.

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