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Discover How a 20-Minute Pilates Routine Improves Your Core

If you’ve ever come across the saying that all paths lead to the same destination, there is a fitness equivalent: All paths lead to strengthening your core. This message shines through in the latest episode of Good Moves featuring Brian Spencer, a seasoned instructor at East River Pilates. The purpose of this swift 20-minute Pilates core session is to fortify your core through a holistic workout—given its crucial role in numerous exercises.

To kick things off, Spencer introduces you to some innovative reverse, seated cat, and cow stretches. This modern twist on the traditional stretch encourages deep stretching at the beginning of the core-focused session. Spencer motivates you to lean back and elongate your neck and shoulders. “It’s important to warm up the targeted areas to prevent injuries and enhance flexibility,” advises Spencer.

Next, you will engage in a series of seated arm raises. This action lightly activates the core, priming you for more challenging movements later in the session. Subsequently, a few back stretches are incorporated to prepare your back and leg muscles for upcoming exercises. This approach jumpstarts blood circulation and enhances flexibility in your extremities.

Throughout this intense 20-minute Pilates routine, Spencer guides you through a diverse range of exercises. True to form, Spencer navigates through demanding stretches while providing ample motivation. He emphasizes that each exercise in this core Pilates regimen contributes to fortifying your muscles. Although it may seem daunting, rest assured that you will gradually adapt to each segment of the session and emerge with a more robust (and potentially fatigued) core.

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