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Discover How To Obtain Approval For Advantages Of Extended Disability Benefits

Initiating the process and eventually securing approval for disability benefits can prove to be a protracted and challenging journey, a fact well known to individuals who have found themselves in a position of need. If you or a cherished individual find yourselves in a situation necessitating support through this laborious procedure, the initial step is to reach out to an experienced disability benefits solicitor who can offer guidance throughout the process. They will examine your circumstances to ascertain how their legal team can be of aid.

Pertinent insights into the procedure are indispensable for successfully navigating this strenuous ordeal, but it is imperative to acknowledge the availability of support. Should you require assistance in the region of Los Angeles, California, do not hesitate to contact a long term disability attorney in LA today for an evaluation of your circumstances. We are eager to explore how we can extend our support to you and your loved ones.

What Exactly Are Extended Disability Benefits?

An extended disability refers to any ailment or injury deemed likely to render you incapacitated for a duration of 60 days or more. The primary consideration concerning extended disability benefits pertains to whether you possess an extended disability insurance policy. Typically extended as a job perk by your employer, you might also have invested in an independent policy. In such an instance, you will be required to apply for benefits under the policy you have. Regrettably, insurance companies do not maximize their profits by approving claims; instead, they endeavor to minimize payouts, often resulting in the rejection of numerous legitimate benefit applications. Another common strategy is to deliberately delay payouts for as long as possible, placing you at an unjust disadvantage during an already challenging time.

While bills accumulate and your stress mounts, potentially worsening your condition, if you find yourself in this predicament in Los Angeles, California, the legal team at Pisegna and Zimmerman, Attorneys at Law, is prepared to offer assistance. Feel free to reach out to us promptly for a consultation to discuss how we might be able to support you.

Another avenue for securing extended disability benefits involves applying with the US Social Security Administration for one of two potential paths. The Social Security Disability Insurance program is accessible to individuals eligible based on adequate payment of Social Security taxes linked to employment earnings. Alternatively, Social Security income offers assistance to individuals with minimal resources and income who are deemed medically incapacitated to the extent that they are unable to enhance their earnings.

Are You Eligible for Extended Disability Benefits?

Evaluating your qualification for extended disability benefits is a multifaceted and frequently exasperating process. Initially, you should determine the availability of benefits from an insurance policy and subsequently assess whether you meet the criteria for a supplementary Social Security benefit. A long term disability lawyer can assist you in navigating this intricate process. Do not hesitate to engage with one today to explore the potential support that may be accessible to you.

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