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Discover Influence Of Ibogaine Therapy & Its Procedures

Ongoing experiments disclosed that the hallucinogenic substance located in magical fungi has been validated to alleviate depression symptoms that are resistant to treatment. There is substantial potential that psychedelics function as remedies and the therapeutic efficacy of ibogaine treatment provides a profound therapeutic advancement for many grappling with addiction challenges.

Recovery from Addiction

Alvaro De Ferranti is a rehabilitated crack cocaine enthusiast who established an ibogaine treatment facility in rural Portugal, Tabula Rasa Retreat. Ibogaine is a hallucinogenic element derived from the Tabernanthe Iboga shrub which induces a dreamy state in the user. A solitary ibogaine treatment can be likened to numerous years of conventional psychotherapy.

Seven years in the past, Alvaro De Ferranti was a highly productive addict, overseeing three prosperous interiors and architectural firms based in London but simultaneously spending his evenings consuming crack cocaine in his London potting shed, humorously dubbed ‘The Sugar Hut’, splurging over 50k per annum on his habit. His initial encounters with substance abuse arose at a very young age when he pilfered medicine bottles from the first aid cabinet. At 13, he commenced experimenting with substances and drug use at school, eventually trying crack and rekindling his favored drug at 30, becoming completely addicted. He consistently smoked marijuana from the age of 14 to his late 20s, started consuming alcohol at 13, regularly indulged in binge drinking until 40, and briefly dabbled in heroin consumption in his late teens.

At a critical phase in his addiction, he feared his heart might cease functioning and believed he was undergoing a heart attack. He had reached rock bottom, his body was deteriorating, his marriage was hanging by a thread, and his businesses were neglected. Alvaro realized he was on a path to certain death if he persisted.

Today, Alvaro is in recovery, attributing it to his encounter with ibogaine, a hallucinogenic substance, which plunges the user into a dream-like state. Although not a pleasant experience, it was a lifesaver for Alvaro. The transformation was so significant for Alvaro that he founded the Tabula Rasa (from Latin: ‘clean slate’) Retreat in rural Portugal in 2018, managed with his wife and co-Founder Jade, a qualified EFT and ABNLP/NLP practitioner. Tabula Rasa Retreat offers a luxurious setting in 9 hectares of natural surroundings, providing both comfort and security. All clients undergo thorough medical and psychological evaluations before, during, and after treatment, and are continuously monitored by ACLS trained personnel throughout the process.

Ibogaine Elucidated

Ibogaine is primarily recognized in the Western world as a medication for interrupting addiction, being effective against heroin, other rapidly acting opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, and alcohol. However, the roots of ibogaine stem from the Bwiti rite in Gabon, where the bark of the Tabernanthe iboga shrub, the source of ibogaine, is employed in an initiation ritual. Within this tradition, iboga is utilized to address various physical and emotional issues. Essentially, in its traditional framework, iboga serves as a psycho-spiritual instrument, promoting peace and harmony amidst the community.

As ibogaine gains popularity, an increasing number of individuals are drawn to its healing properties for personal journeys. Ibogaine enables a transformative exploration into the soul, offering healing and insight. It allows suppressed emotional content to surface into consciousness for resolution. Individuals often experience a heightened sense of tranquility and inner peace post-ibogaine treatment, leading to improved enjoyment of life. Reports commonly mention enhanced confidence, happiness, and a stronger connection to one’s inner self, as if returning to a serene and secure inner space.

A single session of ibogaine treatment can be equated to numerous years of conventional psychotherapy. Ibogaine can facilitate a profound therapeutic breakthrough. An ibogaine ceremony proves to be a potent method for detoxifying the body and mind, rejuvenating the central nervous system. Ibogaine has enabled many individuals to overcome psychological barriers and enhance their quality of life. It demonstrates effectiveness in addressing depression, anxiety, and PTSD, aiding in the healing of self-destructive patterns of thought and behavior. In simpler terms, ibogaine swiftly and painlessly halts addictions, alleviates withdrawal symptoms, and returns patients to their pre-addicted state, also recognized as a beginner state.

Alvaro and the team at Tabula Rasa Retreat have supported over 230 clients worldwide, encompassing the UK, USA, Scandinavia, Ukraine, Russia, Iceland, Spain, France, Israel, the Far East, and Australia. Clients include young addicts rescued by their families, CEOs/business owners, oligarchs, individuals in the creative sector, not only dealing with addiction but also individuals suffering from mental health conditions like PTSD, ADHD, Bi-Polar disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, and recently observed anhedonia.

The esteemed addiction specialist, speaker, and author Dr. Gabor Maté has directed clients to the program, along with many pioneers in the field of ibogaine, addiction, and mental health.


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