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Discover The Abdominal Workout That Helped Hailee Steinfeld To Deceive Herself Into Training Her Obliques

In the year 2019, Hailee Steinfeld proudly flaunted her toned abs. During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the host inquired about her ab routine, generating a rumor about Steinfeld’s intense dedication to training her core.

Reflecting on the moment, Steinfeld recollects the incident vividly during a conversation with Well+Good at a Core Hydration event, where she acts as a spokesperson. Clarkson had humorously asked if Steinfeld did “3,000 crunches a day,” to which Steinfeld playfully responded, “Every single day. 3,000 it is.”

Now, reflecting on her response, Steinfeld raises her hands in a gesture of amusement, clarifying, “I was just kidding!” Nevertheless, this incident sparked various articles and discussions to the point where Steinfeld’s supposed 3,000-crunch abs routine gained significant attention. “It unexpectedly became a sensation,” Steinfeld admits with a sigh.

Clarkson had valid reasons to inquire about Steinfeld’s ab regimen. She regularly exercises with her father, Peter Steinfeld, a professional trainer, highlighting fitness and recovery as crucial aspects of her lifestyle.

What is Steinfeld’s secret to maintaining those defined abs if not through 3,000 daily crunches?

Presently, her favored exercise focuses on the obliques and is known as windshield wipers. This exercise entails lying on your back, elevating your legs while keeping your knees bent at tabletop level, or extended at a 45-degree angle for a more challenging variation. You can position your hands by your sides or behind your head for added difficulty. Subsequently, you move your legs slowly from side to side while maintaining control.

Steinfeld admires this exercise because she feels as though she tricks herself into believing she is merely lying down. “I manage to convince myself that it’s not too strenuous,” Steinfeld explains. “And that’s what motivates me to keep going.” Leveraging mental strategies to enhance her workouts is a favored approach for Steinfeld. She previously disclosed to Well+Good that envisioning the post-workout satisfaction serves as her secret weapon during times when she lacks motivation to exercise.

Particularly with windshield wipers, Steinfeld employs this mental tactic effectively due to the challenging nature of the exercise, engaging the entire core. This involves the internal and external obliques as well as other muscle groups like the rectus abdominis, erector spinae, and hip flexors, as outlined by Azul Corajoria, a certified health coach and personal trainer.

Mastering this exercise involves maintaining proper form, controlled movements, and resisting external forces like gravity and momentum. Corajoria advises, “While performing windshield wipers, ensure your lower back remains in contact with the ground, engage your core, control the movement, and prevent your legs from touching the floor on either side.”

Different ways exist to adapt windshield wipers to your fitness level

“Windshield wipers pose as a challenging exercise, so if you find them daunting initially, modify the movement gradually,” Corajoria recommends. “You can make adjustments by bending your knees at a 90-degree angle instead of keeping them straight and limiting the range of motion. For increased difficulty, you can introduce an exercise ball between your feet, bring your arms closer to your body, or perform the exercise while hanging from a pull-up bar.”

Remember, windshield wipers form just a fraction of the comprehensive fitness routine supervised by Steinfeld’s expert father. The true key to her toned abs undoubtedly lies in a specialized fitness plan. Nevertheless, for a dose of workout inspiration, you can incorporate this exercise into your routine and relish the time spent on the ground, just like Steinfeld.

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