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Discover the Suitable Workout Regimen for Initiation at the Age of 50

Movement is crucial for maintaining robust muscles, mental well-being, and a strong heart. Naturally, as time goes by, your physical capabilities may undergo changes, leading to some restrictions on movements. From the perspective of cardiovascular health, there’s a particular type of activity that a heart specialist advises all her patients to start embracing once they reach 50: strolling.

Dr. Karol Watson, a heart specialist and co-leader of the preventative cardiology unit at UCLA, asserts that the optimal workout for individuals above 50 is walking. This is because, despite its simplicity, walking is the fundamental, all-encompassing exercise that nearly anyone can engage in. “The ideal way to kick off [an exercise regimen] is by regular walking,” she suggests. Indeed, she contends that walking carries the same advantages as any other form of cardiovascular exercise.

“Walking provides all the equivalent health perks of more vigorous exercises like jogging,” Dr. Watson affirms. The distinction lies in the pace at which you experience the benefits: “You may achieve the benefits more rapidly through activities like running, but the benefits remain consistent.” Your heart rate elevates: confirmed. Your legs are in motion; all your muscles are engaged: double-confirmed. The fundamental elements are present, and walking emerges as the most accessible, least hazardous form of exercise for older fitness enthusiasts. “Walking is accessible to nearly everyone and is linked to reduced rates of injuries,” she underlines. In comparison to numerous other workouts, it is gentler on the joints due to its low-impact nature (as opposed to jogging, which involves impact on the pavement).

Despite its simplicity, walking need not be mundane. There are countless methods to infuse excitement into your strides. Dr. Watson suggests commencing at a leisurely pace and gradually progressing to a brisk rhythm. Her advice? “Strive to match the tempo of the song ‘Staying Alive’.” So, you could engage in power walking, or opt for a guided walking routine through streaming. Walking on an incline can increase the resistance component. Including weights to hold can incorporate an arm workout into your strides, or you might even attempt Nordic walking, which activates over 80 percent of your muscles.

Prior to lacing up, Dr. Watson advises consulting with your physician. “If you have any medical conditions, always seek guidance from your healthcare practitioner before embarking on an exercise regime,” she emphasizes. Apart from that, the classic low-impact workout is yours to pursue. *Cue the melody of “Walk This Way”*

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