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    Don’t Delay Seeing a Physician Until You’re Ill

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    Credit: United Healthcare
    Why wait for your car to explode before consulting a mechanic? The same goes for your health.

    In the current health environment, many individuals have postponed their routine doctor visits indefinitely. Perhaps they are hesitant to leave their home and enter a facility frequented by unwell individuals, perhaps they are not feeling extremely unwell, or perhaps they believe they can endure whatever is bothering them. While most minor illnesses can be managed with rest and over-the-counter remedies, refraining from seeing a doctor only when you’re unwell is not advisable.

    It is crucial to have regular check-ups with your usual healthcare provider at least once annually. Visiting a doctor is not only about treating illnesses, but about establishing a comprehensive overview of your physical condition and overall well-being. When you consult your doctor, provide them with a detailed account of your lifestyle and general health. In all probability, there may be nothing wrong with you, and you will receive a clean bill of health with some minor recommendations. Nonetheless, this information is valuable because it allows your physician to detect any significant changes in your health or body during subsequent visits.

    Credit: Getty Images

    Doctors do not possess psychic abilities; they cannot identify underlying health issues unless you communicate with them regularly. If you maintain silence about your health until you are severely ill, your physician won’t have a baseline of your healthiest state to compare to. Moreover, if you experience unusual symptoms, it is advisable to address them before they escalate to severe illness.

    In connection to this, the same principle applies to mental well-being. If you are feeling profoundly depressed or experiencing troubling thoughts, addressing these issues is as crucial as attending to your physical health. If someone close to you recommends seeking help from a therapist, they are not labeling you as being abnormal, but rather suggesting that an impartial professional evaluate your mental health for your benefit.

    Remember, due to the ongoing pandemic, many healthcare facilities are offering remote consultations, and some are even providing free services. So, do not postpone prioritizing your well-being just because you haven’t reached a critical condition yet.


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