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Don’t Forget to Moderate Your Effort During Exercise

Credit: Unsplash
Engaging in constant high-intensity activity from start to end will not necessarily lead to quicker fitness results.

Exercise functions by putting your muscles under stress and strain, causing micro-tears in the muscle fibers. Through the body’s natural repair process, these fibers gradually heal and become stronger, better able to withstand future stress. While it may seem logical to exhaust yourself completely and let your body handle the recovery, the most crucial aspect of muscle growth is not the act of strain itself but the recovery periods interspersed between workouts.

Ever wondered why it’s advised to pace yourself and take breaks during exercise? This is because your body requires time to recover and repair the micro-damage before initiating the rebuilding phase. Building muscle is relatively straightforward as the tears in muscle fibers are small and don’t demand extensive resources from the body. Straining yourself excessively in one go can overwhelm your body, redirecting its resources solely towards restoring normalcy rather than muscle growth.

Credit: Unsplash

Consider this analogy: imagine getting a minor cut on your arm. It might bleed initially but is likely to heal rapidly within a day. Now imagine being shot in the shoulder with an arrow; you now have a significant wound that requires substantial healing. The time and resources needed to repair a significant injury like this are vast, and focusing all resources on such a task would hinder other bodily functions.

The key takeaway is this: while it is acceptable to challenge yourself during workouts, it is equally important to rest adequately during recovery periods if you truly desire the gains you have been striving for.

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