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Don’t Let Snacking Become an Activity

You’ve surely got better things to do.

A common cause of overindulgent snacking is simple boredom. When you’re just kind of sitting in one spot, dissociating and staring at the ceiling, your body starts craving some kind of stimulation, any kind. As it so happens, one of the easiest forms of stimulation to achieve is eating a candy bar. This is how your brain tricks you into indulging those cravings, but you can’t let it win; you can’t let snacking become an activity in itself. If you’re bored and feeling those cravings, there are plenty of healthier alternatives.

Your first course of action should be to drink a cold glass of water. Psychological studies show that when you’re thirsty, your body reacts incorrectly by eating instead at least 60% of the time. Some more water in your tank will help your body to metabolize and keep you properly satiated. A glass of water is also just great in general if you’ve got a case of the blahs.

Credit: Unsplash

If the cravings are still there, you should try to distance yourself from food. Find a way to keep yourself busy; call someone and have a chat. You can’t snack when your mouth is occupied by talking. Otherwise, get out of the house entirely and go for a short walk. A quick burn may leave you a little hungry, but probably for something a little heartier like vegetables.

If you absolutely have to put something in your mouth, chew some gum. I always keep a pack at my desk for when cravings come knocking. While gum isn’t exactly the healthiest thing in itself, it’s certainly better than most junk foods, and it’ll keep your mouth occupied and stimulated for a little while.

As we’ve said many times before, food is meant to be enjoyed, and an occasional indulgence is perfectly fine. Just don’t let zoning out on the couch eating chips become a daily thing.

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