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Don’t Worry if Your Body Does this Stuff After Exercising

Credit: Unsplash
It’s weird, but totally normal.

When you first start getting into exercising on a regular basis, you may notice that your body occasionally exhibits some… unusual qualities. Besides the usual stuff like muscle aches and whatnot, I mean. For reasons that even doctors and scientists don’t completely understand yet, your body simply does some weird things after you spend some time stimulating your muscles. Any explanation I give is just spitballing, but if nothing else, be confident that these quirks aren’t a sign of anything bad.

After a good workout session and a trip to the shower, do you suddenly develop a sniffle or runny nose? This is what’s known as exercise-induced rhinitis. Rhinitis is just the fancy medical name for a runny nose, and it’s what you typically experience when you have a cold or are dealing with allergies. It’s theorized that exercise causes the blood cells in your nasal passages to constrict, which stuffs it up, though it’s also possible that your heightened physical state may make you more receptive to airborne allergens.

Credit: Unsplash

Do your muscles start to twitch and shake after you exercise? How about your legs? Do they suddenly become really itchy? Shaking is usually just a symptom of muscle fatigue; your body is shaking in an effort to redirect the ache of physical exertion, but it doesn’t quite know where to send it. As for itchy legs, the increased blood flow from exercise stimulates the capillaries down there, activating all of your nerves. You’re not having a reaction to your yoga pants, your legs are just confused.

If you experience symptoms like dizziness, nausea, or fainting, those may indicate something a little more serious. Have a chat with your physician to determine if something in your routine is hurting you.

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