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Easing a Stiff Neck

Credit: Unsplash
One might not be aware of the extent of neck movement until it becomes restricted.

In recent times, there has been a purported increase in neck issues globally due to the rise of personal computers and smartphones. The validity of this claim remains uncertain, yet it holds some logic; prolonged periods gazing at screens can lead to the accumulation of lactic acid in the neck joints, akin to the limbs. Despite advocating for correct posture, occasional neck discomfort persists. While inconvenient, there are methods to alleviate it.

To commence, engaging in gentle stretches is advisable. Despite the temptation, sudden, forceful neck cracking is ill-advised as it can result in injury. Instead, adopt a gradual routine of deliberate stretches and movements to realign the neck. Start by slowly rotating your shoulders backward and then forward in a circular manner. Follow this by retracting your arms to bring your shoulder blades together. Perform these movements slowly, hold for a few seconds, and repeat. Finally, turn your head gently from side to side. Ideally, you may experience the desired sensation of relief.

Credit: Unsplash

If stretching proves ineffective, resorting to mild therapeutic measures might be necessary. Consider using a heating pad or a warm towel. While ice can also be beneficial, heat generally offers superior relief for muscle discomfort. Apply the heat source to the affected area and remain still for a brief period. Over time, the pain should diminish.

A stiff or cricked neck typically arises from poor posture or awkward sleeping positions and often subsides within a day. However, if the pain onset follows an injury or accident, or if it radiates to other parts of the body, seeking medical advice is recommended.

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