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    Elevate Your Wellbeing with these Finnish Life Tips

    Credit: iStock
    Finland is well-versed in the art of contentment.

    Let’s test your knowledge: which locale holds the title of the most joyful place on the planet? If your guess was Disneyland, it’s a valid response but not the one we were seeking. Indeed, the happiest spot on Earth is Finland. This Nordic country has been crowned the Happiest Nation in the World in the past two years according to the World Happiness Report. While Finland’s bliss can be linked to various economic factors, let’s sidestep that discussion and instead focus on some tips championed by the Finns.

    As per real estate data, Finland boasts around 2 million saunas, with a majority of residential properties having one installed. While saunas aren’t a commonplace fixture in American households, it’s worth sampling the experience. Research indicates that a moderate sauna session can benefit your cardiovascular and cognitive well-being. The combination of heat and perspiration gets your blood circulation in full gear.

    Credit: Rebuild Your Vision

    One of Finland’s indigenous delights is a petite fruit known as bilberries, akin to blueberries but smaller. Bilberries are a powerhouse of essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, and antioxidants. These tiny wonders promote eye, heart, and brain health, besides being delicious. If bilberries aren’t accessible, opt for more blueberries as they offer comparable nutritional benefits.

    Finland holds a distinguished reputation as one of the most literate nations globally. The Finnish populace adores literature, and why not? Engaging with a book, whether fiction or nonfiction, presents superb mental stimulation, particularly advantageous for seniors. Research indicates that regular reading can aid in delaying Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms. Surprisingly, avid readers tend to enjoy a longer lifespan compared to non-readers.

    In essence, to emulate Finland’s happiness, engage in sauna sessions, consume blueberries, and immerse yourself in reading. Perhaps not all simultaneously, though.


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