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Eliminate Harmful Elements From Your Life

At times, you simply must bid farewell.

After a significant period of time living with established routines and patterns, it can be quite challenging to alter those behaviors. The way you’ve been living hasn’t caused any harm so far, so why bother changing? The truth is, no one is flawless when it comes to decision-making. Even if we stick to something that may not be beneficial for us, we persist because it’s familiar, because it’s what we’re accustomed to. If you sense that your life is filled with too many negatives, there might be a harmful influence present, whether it be a thing, a habit, or a person.

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Now, I’m not suggesting you meticulously analyze all your relationships with friends and family. That’s a surefire way to end up feeling overwhelmed. But when you start feeling down, take a moment to center yourself, and then inquire “where is this emotion originating from?” Is it internal? Has someone triggered this feeling within you somehow? If someone is consistently feeding you negativity, you must address the situation. You don’t have to completely sever ties immediately, but you should communicate to them that their actions are affecting you adversely. If they truly value you, they will cease, or at least attempt to find a resolution. If they refuse to compromise, you might need to limit your interactions with that individual.

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If the negativity stems from within, reflect on your habits. How do you typically spend your day? What do you consume? Certain routines, even seemingly harmless ones, can have negative impacts on your mental well-being if performed excessively, such as overzealous cleaning, overeating, or oversleeping. It may not be pleasant to introspect deeply, but at that juncture, your options are to make a change or remain unhappy, and you deserve more than that. You deserve happiness and well-being, both mentally and physically.

Occasionally, you need to introspect and ask yourself “what am I willing to tolerate today?” If the answer is “not this,” it’s a clear sign that change is necessary.

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