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Embrace it All

Credit: Unsplash
An immense warm embrace is more beneficial for you than you might realize.

One of the aspects I appreciate most about my generation is our revival of platonic embracing. In my childhood, the emphasis was on keeping distances and belittling hugs. Nowadays, people embrace each other everywhere. They embrace their families, they embrace their acquaintances, they embrace their pets, some individuals will even embrace upon initial encounters! And guess what? It’s truly beneficial. Not only because the world could use more platonic affection, but also because embracing has proven health advantages.

Studies indicate that a proper embrace offers various advantages to your body. In your mind, an embrace triggers the release of oxytocin, referred to in some circles as the “bonding hormone,” which soothes your nervous system activity and amplifies positive feelings. Simultaneously with the release of oxytocin, another brain substance, cortisol, is reduced. Cortisol is secreted during stress and panic as a spontaneous fight or flight reaction. The sense of intimacy and security in an embrace is calming, reducing cortisol levels and maintaining serenity. Lowered cortisol levels also support better sleep, incidentally. Alongside this relaxed state comes a decrease in blood pressure. If you frequently feel tense, an embrace might be exactly what you need to unwind.

Credit: Unsplash

Aside from all the physical advantages, embracing fosters connection and camaraderie. Individuals who embrace more frequently tend to develop stronger, enduring relationships, and also establish new connections more effortlessly. A tender embrace makes you feel cherished, like you fit in.

Given the current circumstances, obtaining a genuine embrace from your loved ones might be slightly tougher, especially if they are not residing with you. Nevertheless, you can still experience a similar uplift by embracing a heated cushion or a plush toy. It may not be an exact substitute, but envisage the elation of that initial embrace when you can finally reunite with your cherished ones in person once more.

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