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Embrace the Medieval Lifestyle for Your Next Eating Plan, No Regrets Ahead

Image Source: iStock

Should the numerous trending diets have left you disappointed, perhaps it’s time to adopt the dietary habits of medieval peasants.

Despite the limited resources available to lower-class individuals during that era, their diet, consisting primarily of low-fat and vegetable-based foods, was noted to promote better health outcomes compared to modern standards.

Dr. Roger Henderson, a British researcher, asserted that the dietary patterns of medieval times surpassed even the renowned Mediterranean diet in terms of health benefits. Dr. Henderson elaborated that an average peasant’s meal included two loaves of bread and roughly 8 ounces of meat or fish, equivalent to a hearty steak.

In addition to these staples, fruits, olive oil, and red wine featured prominently in their diets. However, such luxuries were often reserved for the wealthy and not a common sight among the less privileged, which possibly explains the prevalence of excess weight among royalty in historical records.

Dr. Henderson further noted, “Combining this diet with the strenuous physical labor of the medieval era meant that individuals were at significantly lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes compared to present-day populations.” Despite being healthier than their modern counterparts, life expectancy was notably improved over time.

“In medieval times, reaching the age of 30 was considered quite an achievement, while being over 40 was a rare feat,” Dr. Henderson remarked.

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