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Engage Your Brain For Cognitive Well-being

Credit: CHAI
An intellect is a dreadful thing to squander.

Despite my fondness for the digital era, it has led to a quandary in contemporary societies: echo chambers. Individuals naturally gravitate towards those who uphold (or at least they perceive to uphold) their principles, beliefs, and trendy ideas on life and society. One individual expresses, “I favor this!” Another chimes in, “I also favor this!” And the discussion concludes there. This is the genesis of cognitive stagnation, which is not beneficial for you. The brain is a muscle as tangible as your bicep, and it requires exercise and provocation to evolve. Instead of being ensconced in an echo chamber all day, you must inspire yourself.

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So, what are some effective means to motivate yourself? Indeed, the confirmed and true approach is fundamentally… learning. Strive to acquire new knowledge every day. No one is urging you to go out and disprove Einstein’s theory of relativity; simply endeavor to learn something you were not previously acquainted with. Delve into historical manuscripts to glean insights into past lifestyles before the advent of technology. Enroll in an online course to acquire a new expertise or language. Explore a digital art exhibition and challenge your beliefs towards reality. Learning does not alter your existing knowledge, it enriches it.

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On the topic of transforming beliefs, an additional fantastic source of motivation is conversation. Step out of that echo chamber and converse with an individual holding a contrasting viewpoint on a subject. It is acceptable if you wish to steer clear of contentious topics like politics. Similar to learning, opt for something uncomplicated and non-controversial. Your favorite topping on a hot dog? The superior music genre? Who was the superior host of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (it’s Mike Nelson)? A conversation does not necessarily have to change your opinion to broaden your outlook. Individuals harbor rationales for their beliefs, and comprehending those rationales will aid in understanding people.

Cognitive well-being is as essential as physical well-being. Stagnation is contrary to the essence of being human. Do not allow yourself to stagnate, strive to maximize your potential.

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